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Safety Vision represents the leading edge of mobile video innovation. We serve a variety of industries and accommodate the specific needs of each with our specialized sales teams. We strive to improve community, passenger, and driver safety with our top-of-the-line mobile surveillance solutions. The proven performance of our rugged hardware and innovative software have been meeting the needs of fleet administrators and vehicle operators worldwide for over 25 years. At Safety Vision, the safety and security of our customers is our number one priority. Learn more about us here.

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  • "As a customer of Safety Vision, I am never hesitant to recommend Safety Vision to other law enforcement agencies, and in fact have spoken with agencies as far away as Tennessee, all with very favorable recommendations for the level of care and support we have received."

    Terrance Peterman

    Travis County Constable Pct-3 Detective

  • "We have operated with Safety Vision as a partner for the last year and their solutions has performed above expectations. We look forward to continuing our partnership and would recommend that any other agency operating the same or similar capacity to seriously evaluate Safety Vision’s offerings."

    Ralign T. Wells

    Director, Maryland Department of Transportation Aviation Administration (MAA)

  • "We’re celebrating 25 years as the market leader, bringing the latest technology to provide you with the greatest benefits. My incredible team of executives, engineers, and technicians are ready to listen to your needs, custom tailor a solution, have it professionally installed, and support it 24/7. I believe a strong relationship with you, our customer, is essential to getting the most out of our solutions."

    Bruce Smith, CEO of Safety Vision

    25 years of knowledge and experience you can depend on

  • "In my short time working for Gillig, I can say that among the ITS suppliers, you’re one of the most responsive teams when it comes to quality related items (i.e. inquiries, RMAs and/or non-conformities). I appreciate this greatly and being responsive is one key step in successfully improving processes."

    Erwin Manaquil

    Supplier Quality Engineer, GILLIG LLC

  • "The reps that visited me were awesome! They answered each and every question I had in detail, took the time to explain all the products and available options, and also spoke about different financing options. At the conclusion of our search, we decided on Safety Vision’s proposed solution, which best met our specific budgetary needs and feature requirements.”

    Dawn Cox

    Transportation Director, Loudon County Schools

  • "We look forward to continuing our partnership and would recommend any agency looking for in car or body cameras to seriously evaluate Safety Vision’s offerings."

    William Sowell

    Constable, Nacogdoches County Constable Pct. 1

  • "Safety Vision’s state of the art mobile video surveillance for Dogget’s fleet of service trucks has produced results greater than initially anticipated. I would strongly suggest establishing a relationship with Safety Vision, whose commitment to leading edge technologies, quality service, and competitive pricing is unmatched."

    Leslie Doggett

    President and CEO, Leslie Doggett Industries

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We provide the products necessary to solve your unique mobile security needs, on your budget.


Our installers perform custom installations, ensuring you get 100% out of your system.


We promptly follow up with any issues or concerns you may have with our on-site service and support.