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Fleet vehicle video camera solutions

SV-LED70WP4 Quad View MonitorSafety Vision SV-LED70WP4 Quad View Monitor

Safety Vision provides fleet operators worldwide with rear-vision camera systems, offering live and recorded video in multiple configurations. Throughout years of rapidly evolving technology, we have focused on arming our fleet customers with the most current technology while meeting their unique budget and operating requirements. And we never lose sight of what matters most: protecting their personnel, property, and the public.

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What we can do for you

Public and private sector fleets in diverse transportation and heavy equipment industries look to our proven collision avoidance and mobile surveillance recording systems—featuring rear-, side-, and forward-view cameras, reliable in-car monitors, and rugged mobile DVRs (MDVRs)—for immediate and tangible results. Our MDVR product family now includes the SafeDrive MiniDVR, our new event-based, windshield-mounted mobile DVR and the RoadRecorder® 7000 NVR, the latest generation network video recorder. Roll with us and you, too, will be able to:

  • Enhance your drivers' visibility—on the road and at the destination or work site
  • Reduce backing and other moving accidents involving fleet vehicles
  • Reinforce professional conduct and driver accountability
  • Improve driver safety, performance, and productivity
  • Minimize risk and maximize business results

Why we're the ones to do it

Our in-house engineering, account management, and technical support team works tirelessly to ensure our solutions are up to the minute—and up to your standards. Listening to your needs and looking to the future, we build in scalability and we design for interoperability. We can create customized solutions to fit unique needs and varied budgets. And we focus on consistently delivering the highest quality mobile video products and services in the fleet video camera market.

Increase your mobile security, today

To start enjoying these benefits or to discuss your unique fleet vehicle video needs, contact us or call 800.880.8855 to speak with an account executive, today. We'll set safety in motion.