Law Enforcement Solutions

Video Recording Technology for the safety of those who serve and defend our communities.

Safety Vision delivers the highest level of law enforcement surveillance by providing cost-effective and custom tailored solutions that utilize the latest technology. Officers entrust in our proven equipment and software to help serve as a complete digital evidence capture and management solution to improve case resolution, minimize downtime, reduce overall complaints, and enhance officer safety. Our in-car video and body worn camera products are specifically engineered for convenient operation, taking in consideration the vigorous events that occur in law enforcement. All systems are distinctively designed to easily adapt and configure to any department or agency’s policies. Obtain the highest reliability in recording with superior performance and clarity necessary for high-quality evidentiary video.

Safety Vision recognizes the ultimate component of a comprehensive video system is the flexibility to meet and exceed all your needs. By leveraging the extensive skill and technical expertise of our team members, we pride ourselves in delivering premium service. We pledge to support you every step of the way from creating a custom tailored solution, professional installation and training, to after delivery support. Here at Safety Vision, we are committed and dedicated to our customers.

Key Features and Benefits


    Document chain of events and improve media and community perceptions of officers


    Improve behavior of both suspect and officer, reinforcing overall professional conduct


    Create indisputable and court-admissible evidence


    Replay footage to demonstrate the skills required for operating proper procedure


    Video protection with complete chain of custody, for secure data integrity and authenticity

Prima Facie Body worn camera

Body Worn Camera Solution

Safety Vision’s Prima Facie Body Worn Camera acts as an impartial third-eye creating indisputable and court-admissible evidence. Prima Facie features 32GB of memory, three recording resolutions up to 1080p HD, 30 second pre-event recording, and automatic IRs for powerful nighttime performance. Snapshot and capture high resolution stills, record audio-only when interviewing witnesses, playback files on the integrated LCD screen, and reduce the amount of equipment Officers are required to carry with two-way radio mic interface.

Recommended Products

  • Prima Elite™

    Body Worn Camera
    32 GB of Internal Storage
    1080p Video Resolution
    135° Field of View

  • Prima Facie XL®

    Body Worn Camera
    Audio Supported
    2 Infrared Illuminators
    120° Field of View

  • Prima Facie® Accessories

    8-Bay Docking Station
    Two-way Radio Cables
    External Camera
    Covert Earpiece

  • PrimaView™

    Video Management Software
    For Prima Facie BWC
    Detailed Activity Audits
    User-Defined Access

Police In-car video solution

In-Car Video Solution

Safety Vision’s ICOP PRO HD In-car System provides tamperproof evidence for reducing liability and increasing conviction.  ICOP PRO HD delivers 1TB of solid-state storage, high-definition images, and mirror recording to ensure valuable video is never lost. A Power Control Monitor provides officers absolute control of recording, marking critical events, and reviewing video. Equipped with an AHD multi-zoom windshield camera, an ultra-wide angle backseat camera and wireless mics, the ICOP PRO HD is the ultimate Law Enforcement vehicle solution.

Recommended Products


    Digital Video Recorder
    4 Cameras Supported
    1 TB Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Power Control Monitor™

    4.3-Inch Monitor
    For use with ICOP PRO DVR
    Playback Controls with Speaker
    720x480 Resolution

  • ICOP® Wireless Mic

    For ICOP® PRO In-Car Video
    Rechargeable battery
    1,500 Foot Range
    Over charge protection

  • ZOOMAHD+CFRC (Color)

    Interior Analog and AHD Cameras
    Auto-Zoom Feature (ZOOMAHD)
    1080p Max Resolution (ZOOMAHD)
    12 Infrared Illuminators (CFRC)


    Video Mgmt. & Fleet Tracking
    Active/Historical GPS Mapping
    Wireless Video Downloading

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