Law Enforcement Mobile Solutions

In-Car Video Systems & Body Worn Cameras

Peace Officers (including police, sheriffs, constables, and game & fish commissions), military, homeland security, and other public service fleets rely on our rugged and reliable video capture and management systems. Included in this product array are in-car video systems, including patrol cameras and mobile DVRs, as well as body cameras. 


Why collect video evidence?

  1. Reduce false conplaints by citizens
  2. Decrease excessive uses of force (UOF) by officers
  3. Reinforce professional conduct and officer accountability
  4. Corroborate stories and document sequence of events
  5. Create indisputable and court-admissible evidence
  6. Simplify management of video and audio data


Body Worn Cameras: Safety Vision's body worn camera is called the Prima FacieExhibiting the ability to record video, take high resolution stills, or only record audio, the Prima Facie always offers the most appropriate evidence collecting solution. With the body-camera's integrated color LCD screen and speaker, recorded audio, video, and still pictures can instantly be reviewed. Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.


In-Car Video Systems: Safety Vision's in-car video system is called the ICOP PROSafety Vision provides law enforcement departments of all sizes with in-car video recording systems. For nearly two decades, Safety Vision has strived to bring the latest technology and the most appropriate features, while remaining within departmental budgets. Our DVRs feature wireless download of video and audio files and user- friendly DVMS software for immediate and tangible results. 


How do I reap the benefits of video evidence? A) Institute in-car video, B) Utilize body cameras to acquire a first person point of view, or C) use both to ensure that the truth is never disputed.

Why Safety Vision? Our in-house engineering, account management, customer service, and technical support team works tirelessly to ensure our solutions are up to your standards. By listening to your needs and with an eye on the future, we build towards scalability and design for interoperability. We can create customized solutions to fit unique needs and varied budgets. 

We also offer a quick and easy purchasing option associated with Dell computer products. If your department has an existing contract with Dell, you may now order Safety Vision products directly from your Dell representative. To learn more about this convenient procurement option, please contact us.


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