Law Enforcement Solutions

Mobile Video Surveillance for the men and women who put their lives on the line.

Safety Vision entered the law enforcement market in 2004 and has since earned a solid reputation by providing peace officers with rugged and reliable video capture and management systems. Police, military, homeland security, and other public service officials use our proven equipment and software to provide high quality and unbiased records of events. To guarantee our customer's satisfaction, our knowledgeable customer support network is available to provide you with expert installation, product training, and troubleshooting for your department or agency. Roll with us and you too, will be able to:

  • Protect officers against false complaints by citizens
  • Decrease the need for uses of force (UOF) by officers
  • Reinforce professional conduct and officer accountability
  • Corroborate stories and document sequence of events
  • Create indisputable and court-admissible evidence
  • Simplify management of video and audio data
Body Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement

Body Worn Cameras

Recommended Solution

Body worn cameras are proven to reduce false complaints by citizens and decrease the need for uses of force (UOF) by officers. Safety Vision’s body worn camera, the Prima Facie, exhibits the ability to record video, take high resolution stills, or record audio only. The Prima Facie always provides the most appropriate evidence collecting solution. A Prima Facie is one of the least expensive pieces of equipment a user can have on their body or in their car, and it provides maximum value. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has graded the Prima Facie as equal as or greater than all other commercially available body worn cameras for law enforcement. To review the official report, the BWC comparison matrix, and the overview flyer, please review our Research and Literature page.

Prima Facie®

Body Worn Camera
Audio Supported
2 Infrared Illuminators
120° Field of View

Prima Facie® Accessories

8-Bay Docking Station
Two-way Radio Cables
External Camera
Covert Earpiece


Video Management Software
For Prima Facie BWC
Detailed Activity Audits
User-Defined Access

In-Car Video Systems for Law Enforcement

In-Car Video Systems

Recommended Solution

With over 10 years of experience in providing in-car video solutions and video management software to law enforcement, Safety Vision has created a customer-base with a fierce loyalty. Safety Vision’s latest system, the ICOP PRO, includes an optional Power Control Monitor (PCM), allowing officers to easily start and review recordings. The “mark” feature allows critical events to be flagged for future review, and an innovative mirror recording feature ensures important video clips are duplicated to a secondary SD card, reducing your liability. The ICOP PRO is compatible with the most popular legacy ICOP accessories: the MCAM2 and EXTREME wireless mic.


Digital Video Recorder
4 Cameras Supported
128 GB Max Storage
D1 Max Resolution

B. Power Control Monitor™

4.3-Inch Monitor
For use with ICOP PRO DVR
Playback Controls with Speaker
720x480 Resolution

C. ICOP® Wireless Mic

For ICOP® PRO In-Car Video
Rechargeable battery
1,500 Foot Range
Over charge protection

D. MCAM2+CFRC (Color)

Interior Analog Cameras
Auto-Zoom Feature (MCAM2)
VGA Max Resolution (MCAM2)
12 Infrared Illuminators (CFRC)

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