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Onboard surveillance recording solutions


RoadRecorder 7000 Network Video Recorder

Safety Vision's RoadRecorder 7000 Next Generation Network Video Recorder

The RoadRecorder® 7000 network video recorder records video and data from up to 12  high definition IP cameras and provides long-term onboard storage with the industry first, patented SafeStor technology, combining solid state drives (SSD) and large capacity hard disk drives (HDD). The RoadRecorder 7000 NVR utilizes H.264 compression, providing larger storage capacity and up to 9 times greater resolution than analog video.


Safety Vision offers a full suite of mass transit mobile digital video recording solutions. For nearly two decades, transit agencies and other public safety organizations have teamed with us to enhance the safety and security of personnel and the public while improving the efficiency and productivity of mobile operations.

To view Safety Vision's flagship mass transit product, the RoadRecorder 7000 Network Video Recorder, click here.

What we can do for you

Your industry peers in mass transit, first responder, and other public service mobile fleets enjoy immediate and tangible benefits from our onboard recording solutions—featuring rugged and reliable mobile DVRs, wireless download of video and audio files, and user-friendly backend data and evidence management software. Roll with us and you, too, may be able to:

  • Enhance passenger and public safety
  • Improve driver/operator performance
  • Increase ridership and revenues
  • Reduce risk of fraudulent claims
  • Maximize operational efficiency

Why we're the ones to do it

Today and every day, our in-house engineering department, account management, and technical support personnel are working together to ensure our solutions are up to the minute—and up to your standards. We build in scalability, and we design for interoperability. We create customized solutions to fit unique needs and different budgets. And we focus on consistently delivering high quality mobile video products and services.

Increase your mobile security, today

To start reaping the benefits of mobile digital video surveillance or to discuss your agency's unique transit security camera needs, call 800.880.8855 or email us, today.

To secure grant monies to fund your transit video recording project, we suggest you review our Grants/Funding page for resources that may help you in your search.