Paratransit Solutions

Reduce risk & improve on-board safety with Mobile Surveillance

Safety Vision's mobile surveillance solutions are created to help paratransit providers manage daily operations with ease. Our systems effectively improve the safety and performance of transportation specialized for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. Optimize camera views to monitor wheelchair ramps and secure passenger loading and offloading. Employ on-board monitoring to keep an eye on passengers, ensuring their comfort and security during the ride. Easily access and share video to provide indisputable evidence, and utilize live look-in at any time to monitor onboard activity and evaluate passenger safety. Increase ridership and create a harmonious paratransit environment by instilling confidence in riders by ensuring safe transporting practices under mobile surveillance.

Key Features and Benefits


    Ensure passengers their safety and protection


    Tamper-proof installation to promote and maintain a safer environment


    Recorded footage will protect you against false claims


    Hands-free video downloading at your convenience


    Live look-in to monitor on-board activity when needed

Para-Transit Bus Cameras

Paratransit Solution

Our solutions can be tailored to fit any paratransit vehicle and budget. Save time and money by efficiently locating video with user-friendly wireless downloading, video redaction for passenger privacy, and HD zooming capabilities. Rely on video to create indisputable evidence and fight false claims. Always stay updated on the condition of your fleet and passengers with our comprehensive surveillance system. 

Recommended Recorders & Software

  • Observer™ 4000 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    5 Cameras Supported
    512 GB Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Observer™ 4112 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    12 Cameras Supported
    2 TB HDD or SSD Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Foresight PRO

    Video Management Software
    For Observer Series Recorders
    Wireless Video Downloading
    Live Look-In & Fleet Tracking

Recommended Cameras

  • 41AHD

    Interior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    1080p Resolution
    720p Resolution

  • AHD Wide View

    Interior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    1080p Resolution
    720p Resolution


    Exterior HD Camera
    Day/Night Functionality
    110° Field of View
    1080p Max Resolution

  • 650FHD

    Exterior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    4 Infrared Illuminators
    1080p Resolution

  • 630HD

    Exterior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    9 Infrared Illuminators
    720p Resolution

  • 41H

    Interior IP Camera
    Audio Supported
    14 Infrared Illuminators
    1280x720 Max Resolution

Recommended Accessories

  • Awareness Monitors

    10.4 or 15-inch Monitor
    21.5-inch Monitor Available
    12, 15, or 17-inch Monitor
    Available with Bezels

  • CP4

    7-Inch Display
    For Observer HVR Series
    Touch Screen
    800x480 Resolution

  • Panic Button

    Mark critical events
    LED System status display
    Convenient driver access
    Recording status display

  • UPS

    41 Series UPS
    Back-up Battery
    Protects Against Power Loss
    Steady and Clean Current

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