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Open Platform Surveillance Solution

Get the most out of your mobile surveillance solutions by investing for the future.

 As your cannabis business continues to grow and evolve, so should the security that protects it. It is Safety Vision’s pleasure to introduce you to the future of mobile surveillance with our...

Safety Vision and Genetec Partner to Take on the Future of Mobile Integrated Solutions

Houston, TX, September 19, 2018 ― Safety Vision, LLC, the top international leader in mobile surveillance for industries such as K-12, mass transit, first responders and law enforcement, is proud to announce their partnership with Genetec, the #1 open architecture VMS provider in the world....

SMARTPaper: In-car Video or Body Cameras?

We partnered with SMARTpaper once again to give you a whitepaper that goes in depth on why body cameras and in-car video are needed for police officers. We want to educate police officers to invest in body cameras and in-car video systems...

Safety Vision ConnectCam Kit Easy Setup

Safety Vision's ConnectCam Kit is the perfect solution for Drop and Hook trucking operators. This portable product can be connected easily and mounted on the back of the truck. Watch the video below on how to setup the ConnectCam Kit:





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Industry: Pupil Transportation
Date: Feb 20Feb 21
189 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12205
Industry: Pupil Transportation
Date: Feb 22Feb 24
2001 Point W Way
Sacramento, CA 95815
Industry: Law Enforcement
Date: Feb 23Feb 27
2707 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89502
Industry: First Responder
Date: Mar 2Mar 6
333 S Franklin St
Tampa, FL 33602