In today’s world, school bus surveillance is a necessity, and monitoring onboard activity helps promote and maintain a safer environment for everyone. With Safety Vision's open architecture solution, you can now integrate both school bus cameras and school building cameras on one platform. Keep children accounted for at all times from morning pickup, into school, and back home again, at the touch of a button. Eliminate room for questioning with easily accessed video footage that combines multiple camera views to provide a clear chain of events. Enhancing security creates awareness and can improve communication between drivers, school, and local authorities. Ensure your driver is practicing safety protocols with GPS tracking and live alerts set to notify the transportation director once triggered. Security is more obtainable than ever with the help of our budget-conscious solutions, grants, funding and payment programs. Don't get schooled, leave your mobile surveillance needs to Safety Vision.

Key Features and Benefits

  • GPS Tracking
  • Onboard monitoring with Live-Lookin
  • Live system health reports
  • Geofences
  • Real-time email alerts
  • Flag events with panic button for easy retrieval

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