• 41 series camera with IR's
  • 41 series camera with IR's
  • 41 series camera without IR's

41 Series (Color)


Type: Analog (Interior)

Audio: Integrated Microphone

Infrared Illuminators: 6

Resolution: 700TVL


The 41 Series advanced analog dome cameras provide the perfect complement to the Observer DVR and HVR series. Available in two different focal lengths, with or without infrared illuminators, and in a white or black housing, 41's provide sharp images and high resolution video and audio coverage in any application. With advanced features, such as automatic color temperature correction and intelligent light balance compensation, the 41 Series is the next generation of mobile-rated analog cameras.

All 41 Series cameras provide automatic color temperature correction, adjusting the white balance to provide the optimal picture in a variety of changing light situations. This advanced feature allows the camera to capture clear video on bright sunny mornings, dim evenings, and every time in between. As well, the automatic IR balance compensation feature eliminates the “flashlight effect” IRs can impart, producing a sharper and more useable image.


  • Built-in microphone
  • Available in white or black
  • 6 infrared illuminators (optional)
  • Automatic color temperature correction
  • Dome-shaped, swivel and tilt housing
  • 700TVL produces high resolution images
  • Digital noise reduction for clear audio recording
  • Operating temperature range (14°~131°F and -10°C~55°C)

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