• 41H Internal
  • 41H Internal



Type: IP (Interior)

Audio: Integrated Microphone

Infrared Illuminators: 14

Resolution: 1280x720 (max)


The 41H Series advanced IP dome cameras are specifically engineered to compliment Safety Vision's innovative Observer Hybrid Video Recorders (HVRs). Combined with traditional analog cameras or as part of a completely digital configuration, the 41H series cameras provide sharp and clear video coverage of the interior of any vehicle.

The 41H Series works with the new PoE Smart Switch to make installation with a Observer HVR a completely painless affair. Simply connect the camera to the PoE Smart Switch with common RJ45 connectors and use the Observer HVR’s ingenious network setup option to automatically configure the device. The HVR is then ready to take advantage of the 41H’s 720p resolution at 30 frames per second and dual stream capability.

The 41H Series cameras feature Super Capacitor technology, protecting the camera's circuits from unexpected power losses and ensuring that recording can continue uninterrupted. The 41H series also features impressively low power consumption - less than 2 watts in the day time, less than 3.5 watts at night - reducing the power load on the video recording system and allowing more versatile installations.


  • Built-in microphone
  • White, non-glare finish
  • Mirror image available (factory option)
  • Cable splits into two separate outputs for each camera
  • Each camera individually adjustable for optimal field of view
  • IP66 environmental rating ensures dust tight and water resistant protection
  • Single camera mount and cable provides easy installation options in tight interior spaces

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