• 830 Dome (Color)
  • 830 Wedge (Color)
  • 830 'bullet' (Color)

830/835 Series

PART NO. SV-830 & SV-835

Type: Analog (Interior and Exterior)

Audio: Integrated Microphone

Infrared Illuminators: Up to 18

Design: Dome/Wedge/Bullet


The 830 Series contains compact mobile-rated cameras that mount easily in a variety of orientations. Available versions include an Interior Dome or Interior and Exterior Wedge, providing for installation in various environments and positions. As well, four lens focal lengths are available to provide the optimal viewing angle for your unique application. Standard Safety Vision connectors are utilized, allowing for compatibility with any of Safety Vision’s DVR models.

A step above the 830 series, the 835 series incorporates a more robust image sensor for incredibly detailed, high resolution images. The 835 cameras are available in an Interior Dome, Exterior Wedge, and Exterior Bullet model. 


  • Built-in Microphone
  • Normal/Mirror Image Switching
  • Up to 18 IR LEDs for ourstanding night performance
  • IP68 rating protects camera (Exterior Wedge and Bullet models only)
  • Camera rotates at least +/- 15 degree for off-angle mounting (Exterior Wedge only)
  • Camera rotates 90 degrees to support side or top mounting (Exterior Wedge only)

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