• 10.4 inch Awareness Monitor
  • 12 inch Awareness Monitor
  • 15 inch Awareness Monitor
  • 17 inch Awareness Monitor
  • 21.5 inch Awareness Monitor

Awareness Monitor™

PART NO. DMS1050 (10.4")

PART NO. DMS2050 (15")

Size Options: 10.4", 12", 15", 17", 21.5"

Supported Cameras: 1

Display Resolution: 800x600 & 1024x768


Both the 10.4" and 15" Awareness Monitors can be mounted in the passenger compartment of your transit vehicle to showcase the advanced security watching over them. In addition, the monitor is large enough to provide advertising opportunities.

Mounted strategically inside the vehicle cabin in full view, passengers can watch themselves on the Awareness Monitor as they get on and off of the vehicle. Passengers feel safe and protected, increasing ridership, while crime and vandalism is deterred, decreasing costs and liability.

Alternatively, when not in use for a security function, the Awareness Monitors provide the opportunity to display static or video advertisements. This function provides the opportunity to increases revenue by displaying advertisements for your transit agency, service partners, public service announcements, or any other type of marketing communication. The Awareness Monitor’s functionality does not stop there – the monitor is available for your specialized use.

Awareness monitors connect to your vehicle’s digital video recorder (DVR) using a variety of available inputs, including composite (BNC), VGA, and HDMI, making them adaptable to a variety of installations. A metal housing ensures resistance to harsh mobile environments and vandalism.


  • Display Mode: 4:3
  • Metal Housing

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