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Awareness Monitors™

Available in 10.4-inches

Available in 12-inches

Available in 15-inches

Available in 17-inches

Available in 21.5-inches


Actively display on-board activity by showcasing the advanced security watching over passengers, deterring vandalism and crime, with Safety Vision’s line of Awareness Monitors. Available in 10.4”, 12”, 15”, 17” and 21.5”, the Awareness Monitors connect to the recorder using a variety of available inputs, including BNC, VGA, and HDMI – making them adaptable to a variety of installations. Mounted strategically inside the passenger cabin in full view, riders can watch themselves as they get on and off the vehicle. Alternatively, the Awareness Monitors provide the opportunity to broadcast advertisements for your agency, services partners, public service announcements, or any other type of marketing communication.

Additionally, the 12”, 15”, and 17” Awareness Monitors feature a durable high-impact plexi-glass bezel, providing an additional level of protection to the display panel. Bezels ensure resistance against vandalism and other hard strikes, for reliable operation in harsh mobile environments. Made of Docket 90 Compliant materials to meet the standards of flammability performance, the bezel won’t emit toxic fumes in instances of vehicle fires, making it a safe choice for use in bus and coach applications.


  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • HDMI, BNC, and VGA inputs
  • 15" monitor available in flush mount or bezel versions
  • Docket 90 Compliant (Bezel versions only)
  • Display advertisements, PSA's, and more

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