ConnectCam Kit


Wireless 7-inch monitor

Wireless exterior camera

Audio: Integrated Microphone

Infrared Illuminators: 20


The ConnectCam is a durable, mobile-rated rear vision camera that communicates with a robust 7-inch monitor in the vehicle cabin.  An incredibly strong magnet mount allows the camera to be portable between different trailers, presenting the perfect solution for Drop and Hook trucking operators.

The ConnectCam mounts perfectly onto a trailer's standard ICC bumper and with a simple push-button setup, a signal is sent to the monitor, eliminating the need for any fifth-wheel kits or cables. Equipped with IR illuminators to ensure clear images even in complete darkness, the ConnectCam's battery can last up to 13 hours between charges.


  • Industrial strength magnet mount
  • Camera battery can last up to 13 hours between charges
  • Simple push-button setup

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