• DDM™ Driver Distraction Monitor



Type: Behavior Modification

Audio: Audible Detection Alarms

Infrared Illuminators: 18

Design: Dashboard Mounted


Safety Vision’s DDM combines a dash mounted, infrared illuminated camera with intelligent video software to provide an easy-to-install, autonomous, turn-key solution for driver fatigue and distraction. Built-in video analytics are selfconfiguring and work by tracking the driver’s eye lids and pupil dilation using proprietary algorithms. The DDM warns drivers with real time audible alerts when symptoms of weariness or distracted driving are recognized. Safety Vision’s DDM is suitable for all vehicles.

Safety Vision’s DDM monitors the state of a driver’s wakefulness using PERCLOS (Percent Eyelid Closure) data. The camera sounds an alarm when unsafe patterns are exhibited, maintaining alertness and preventing potential accidents. The DDM automatically adapts to all cabin environments and driving conditions for constant driver protection. Driver distraction is similarly monitored based upon the percentage of time his eyes are focused directly in the direction of the vehicle’s travel. Each year more incidents involving distracted drivers texting, operating mobile phones, or otherwise not paying attention to the road are reported. The DDM provides direct feedback to the driver, improving his ability to make safe driving choices.

Safety Vision’s DDM integrates data seamlessly into the SafetyTrax All Vehicle Locator (AVL), a proprietary web-based automatic vehicle location service. Receive alerts immediately when a driver exhibits weary or distracted behavior on any smart device or web browser. PERCLOS data displays alongside tire pressure, fuel mileage, idle times, and other data on the SafetyTrax AVL dashboard. DDM data can also be added to custom reports for a comprehensive analysis of vehicle and driver performance.


  • Utilizes PERCLOS (Percent Eyelid Closure) Technology
  • Available in English, Spanish, and Hebrew
  • Integrates with SafetyTrax AVL
  • Customizable Settings

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