ICOP 20/20 Vision


Product Description

ICOP by Safety Vision's ICOP 20/20 VISION™ system brings the functionality of the ICOP Model 20/20®-W to your MDT!
The 20/20 VISION operates without the MDT/MDC in the event of an MDT/MDC power loss or failure, initiates recording via quick keys, touch screen or auxiliary record/mark/stop trigger,and provides full audio and video to the MDT/MDC (or optionally other external audio output) if desired.

  • Offers complete variable video window resizing
  • Displays high quality video with no noticeable image delay
  • Installs easily and provides great flexibility in mounting options
  • Fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista
  • Provides complete ICOP Model 20/20-W DVR functionality through your MDT/MDC, via touch screen or keyboard interface, including:
  • Officer-safe installation options - can mount in standard (AM/FM) radio slot (nothing in the trunk); alternative mounting locations are also available
  • 40 GB vehicle-grade, removable hard drive or 32 GB solid state drive, in shock-resistant case, providing up to 16 hours of real-time recording in high-resolution mode (30 fps)
  • Infrared back seat camera
  • Built-in AM/FM radio with 15 presets   
  • Removable vehicle-grade hard drive or solid state drive in shock resistant case
  • Capable of recording directly to DVD in vehicle
  • Support for video multiple upload methods: removable hard drive, wireless (using 802.11g) or ethernet
  • High quality, high resolution video capture (D1, full VGA or 1CIF, at 30, 15 or 10 fps) on each camera
  • Operates up to 3 cameras and 3 audio sources; records up to 2 cameras simultaneously
  • Built-in GPS, with continuous lat/long display; also provide GPS data output
  • Multiple activation triggers – manual, or automatic in conjunction with lights, siren or wireless microphone, collision, or up to three additional auxiliary input
  • In-vehicle classification codes (customizable by system adminstrators), for easy video search and retrieval


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