Prima Elite™

Body Worn Camera
32 GB of Internal Storage
1080p Video Resolution
135° Field of View

Safety Vision® 360

4K Resolution
Fisheye IP Camera Lens
3 Infrared Illuminators
360° Field of View

RoadRecorder® 8000

Network Video Recorder
36 Cameras Supported
4 TB Max Storage
1080p Max Resolution

Prima Facie®

Body Worn Camera
Audio Supported
2 Infrared Illuminators
120° Field of View

41AHD Series (Color)

Interior AHD Camera
Audio Supported
6 Infrared Illuminators
720p HD Resolution

Observer™ 4000 HYB

Digital Video Recorder
5 Cameras Supported
512 GB Max Storage
D1 / 720p Max Resolution

Observer™ 4100

Digital Video Recorder
4 Cameras Supported
256 GB Max Storage
D1 | Wireless Downloading  

Observer™ 4112

Hybrid Video Recorder
12 Cameras Supported
2 TB Max Storage
D1 / 1080p Max Resolution

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