ICOP 20/20-W


Product Description

ICOP by Safety Vision's Model 20/20®-W mobile digital video recorder for law enforcement records high quality video, streams live video to other first responder vehicles and headquarters, and is loaded with features that can be found in no other in-car video system.

  • Officer-safe installation - mounts in standard (AM/FM) radio slot (nothing in the trunk); alternate mounting locations are also possible
  • Built-in AM/FM radio
  • 40 GB vehicle-grade, removable hard drive or 32 GB Solid State drive in shock-resistant case, providing up to 16 hours of real-time recording in high-resolution mode (30 fps)
  • Capable of recording directly to DVD in vehicle
  • Support for video multiple upload methods: removable hard drive, wireless (using 802.11g) or ethernet
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Operates up to 3 cameras and 3 audio sources; records up to 2 cameras simultaneously
  • Highest quality, high resolution video capture (D1, full VGA or 1CIF, at 30, 15 or 10 fps) on each camera
  • Pre-event recording of up to 60 seconds (with 2 cameras simultaneously)
  • Built-in GPS, with continuous lat/long display; also provide GPS data output
  • "Mark" exact event locations (with GPS)
  • Removable vehicle-grade hard drive in shock resistant case
  • Password-protected electronic lock on faceplate
  • In-vehicle classification codes (customizable by system adminstrators), for easy video search and retrieval
  • ICOP EXTREME Wireless Mic - uses 900 MHz transceiver, with automatic activation (minimum range = 2,000 feet, direct line of sight).  Includes belt clip

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