• ICOP® PRO Digital Video Recorder for Law Enforcement
  • ICOP® PRO Digital Video Recorder for Law Enforcement
  • ICOP® PRO Digital Video Recorder for Law Enforcement



Type: Digital Video Recorder

Cameras Supported: 4 Analog

Storage: 256 GB (max)

Resolution: D1 (max)


The ICOP PRO digital video recorder (DVR) is the core of Safety Vision's next-generation in-car video solution. The compact and robust components are specifically designed for the law enforcement market to compliment, not complicate, an officer’s duties and can be installed in virtually any vehicle.  

The advanced digital video recorder (DVR) is easily installed into any console with an available 1-DIN slot, or alternatively, can be remotely mounted elsewhere in the vehicle.  The DVR includes its own illuminated status display that provides instant health status.  A convenient USB port allows users to attach a USB flash drive and quickly download important video clips, update firmware, and upload configurations. The ICOP PRO DVR utilizes an innovative mirror recording feature to back up captured video and reduce liability. Mirror recording duplicates recorded data to an SD card. When the primary storage device is filled, the newest files overwrite the oldest files, but events are never overwritten.


  • Storage (max): 256 GB in SD card
  • Mirror Storage (max): 256 GB in SD card
  • Locking SD card slot
  • Continuous or event-based recording
  • Pre-event and post-event recording
  • Integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet
  • Eight customizable event sensors
  • H.264 video compression format
  • Pull video via SD card, USB flash drive, or wirelessly
  • DVR installs into 1-DIN slot or a flat mount
  • Secure user and administrator login

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