• IR Thermometer
  • IR Thermometer
  • IR Thermometer

IR Thermometer


Non-contact IR thermometer


The Safety Vision IR Thermometer is used to measure passengers’ temperature quickly and easily as they board the bus or enter the building. Scanning any part of the face or hand, temperature readings are displayed on the LED screen, in addition to an audible voice that states if the person’s temperature is within range. Each school district or transit authority will have their own internal policies and procedures to follow when individuals test for a high temperature. This small device is activated and deactivated through the ignition switch or by powering on and off in a building, eliminating interaction, and creating a failsafe system at a fraction of the cost of a thermal camera utilized in other applications. The Safety Vision IR Thermometer is completely standalone and can be used even if you do not have a mobile surveillance solution. The device can be used onboard a vehicle or bus or at the entry to offices, buildings, and other fixed facilities.


  • Mobile or building application
  • Easy self install
  • Voice alarm
  • IR sensor
  • Temperature display
  • Meets CDC Recommenations of 100.4° F

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