Observer™ 4000 HVR


Type: Hybrid Video Recorder

Supported Cameras: 4 AHD or 4 Analog + 1 IP

Storage: 512 GB (max)

Resolution: 720p (AHD) / 1080p (IP)


The Observer™ 4000 Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR) is designed with the specialized capability to work with Analog High Definition (AHD) cameras. Four AHD connections support up to 720p HD resolution utilizing traditional analog cables, plus an additional Ethernet connection supports a fifth IP camera with a resolution up to 1080p. Generate amazing HD images at an analog price with dependable performance that has made the Observer series an industry leader.


  • AHD Technology
  • Storage (max): 2 x 256 GB in SD card
  • Mirror Storage or Secondary Main Storage (max): 256 GB in SD card
  • Continuous, scheduled, and event-based recording
  • Pre-event and post-event recording
  • Integrated GPS
  • Eight customizable event sensors

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