• Observer™ 4100 Hybrid Video Recorder

Observer™ 4100 HVR


Type: Hybrid Video Recorder

Supported Cameras: 4 Analog or 4 AHD + 1 IP

Storage: 1 TB (max)

Resolution: 1080p


The Observer™ 4100 AHD is a compact, rugged, solid state hybrid video recorder (HVR) designed to withstand the demanding shock and vibration of in-vehicle recording. The Observer 4100 AHD offers the ability to utilize up to 4 analog high definition(AHD) cameras with recording resolutions up to 1080p. It also allows additional support for a high-definition IP camera, ideal for delivering sharp images at 1080p in the most crucial areas where more clarity is needed.

The Observer 4100 AHD uses only solid-state storage, ensuring reliable operation in the rough and tumble mobile environment. A removable solid-state drive (SSD) provides up to 1 TB of storage, while dual SD cards provide a mirror recording feature to back up captured video. For a more economical solution, use the dual SD cards as your primary storage instead, without the need of purchasing a hard drive and help keep costs down.

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