PathFindIR II Thermal Camera


Product Description

The PathFindIR II from Safety Vision and FLIR Systems is a thermal imaging camera that makes driving at night or in other difficult conditions safer. It helps drivers see farther than with standard headlights, so you have more time to react to road hazards. This increased reaction time can make a life saving difference.

Unlike other thermal cameras, it is about the size of a tennis ball so it easily fits in small spots. Its rugged design allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments yet maintains high performance.


  • See five times farther than with standard headlights


  • Produces images in complete darkness and through dust and smoke, as well as improved visibility in fog, rain and snow.


  • Hermetically sealed external housing resistant to rocks, sand, salt and under-hood contaminants.


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PathFindIR II Thermal Camera SV-LCD70A quad view monitor

SV-LCD70A quad view monitor

PathFindIR II Thermal Camera SV-LCD104 10 inch monitor

SV-LCD104 10 inch monitor

PathFindIR II Thermal Camera SVR-4100 MDVR


The PathFindIR II thermal camera is used in

conjunction with Safety Vision's SV-4100 mobile

digital video recorder (MDVR); SV-LCD70A,

SV-LCD70RP, SV-LCD104 monitors; and SV-620A

rear-view color camera.

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