• Power Control Monitor

Power Control Monitor (PCM)


Size: 4.3 inches

Supported Cameras: 2

Control: ICOP® PRO DVR

Display Resolution: 720x480 (WVGA)


The new Power Control Monitor (PCM) acts as the remote for the ICOP PRO DVR. Either supplementing or replacing a mobile data terminal (MDT), the PCM integrates a 4.3” screen, speaker, and playback controls into a single unit, placing all of the ICOP PRO's controls conveniently near the driver’s seat. 

The ICOP PRO is Safety Vision's latest in-car video solution for law enforcement. The system combines the ICOP PRO advanced digital video recorder with the new PCM to put officer in command of recording and reviewing video. These compact and robust components are specifically designed for the law enforcement market to compliment, not complicate, an officer’s duties and can be installed in virtually any vehicle. 



  • Speaker Controls (menu, recording, and playback)
  • Standby mode (event prompted)
  • Covert Mode (dims LED-lit buttons)
  • Secure user and administrator login
  • Compatible with ICOP PRO only
  • RAM® mount included

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