Prima Facie Body Camera


Product Description

The Prima Facie® Body Camera is the evidence capture device that is never left behind.  When worn on an officer’s body, it is available at any time to record video or snap a picture, and is always pointed in the right direction.  Prima Facie augments vehicle-mounted cameras with a view that is the same as the officer’s, catching additional important evidence.  Safety Vision's Prima Facie body camera the perfect solution for mounted or motorcycle units where large DVRs and camera systems are not practical.

The Prima Facie records video in crisp 1080p high definition (HD) for optimal clarity, ensuring no detail is missed.  Officers also have the option to record high resolution still images and audio files.  IR illuminators ensure clear images even in zero-light situations.  Recorded files can then be reviewed instantly on the Prima Facie’s integrated color LCD screen, or securely downloaded to an authorized computer.

Safety Vision's Prima Facie includes features that are not offered with other body cameras:
•    Review recorded video instantly on the unit's integrated color LCD screen
•    Take high-resolution still images
•    Ability to only record audio files without video capture

Unlike many other body cameras, there is not a required monthly fee for cloud-based data storage. We do not offer the option to store your data because we do not want to charge you these fees. Recorded data can be stored on an internal video server in your police department and we can help your team set this up. After purchasing a unit, it is all yours--no long term monthly fees attached.