Prima Facie Body Camera


Product Description

The evidence-capturing body worn camera that's used to provide a first-person point of view. Exhibiting the ability to record video, take high resolution stills, or only record audio, the Prima Facie is able to provide the most appropriate evidence collecting solution. With the integrated 2" color LCD screen and speaker, recorded audio, video, and still pictures can instantly be recalled. A Prima Facie is one of the least expensive pieces of equipment a user can have on their body or in their car, and it provides maximum value. 

"It didn't take long for us to have a 'save' with one of our cameras. One day a woman made a false complaint against one of our officers - she said he was cussing at her. After taking a look at the video, we saw that just the opposite was true. That vindication saved us money, and it only took one 'save' to make the purchase worthwhile... Body cameras ultimately keep everyone in line, on both sides."
Maj. Russell Smith, Chatham County, GA 600 Officers & 40 Prima Facies



  • Touch n' go recording
  • Pre-event recording
  • 32 GB of internal storage
  • 1080HD, 720, or 480 video resolution
  • 120° field of view (FOV)
  • Directional audio
  • Night mode: automatic infrared illuminators 
  • Two way mic interface
  • Dust proof and water resistant (IP55)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • External camera port
  • Rotating clothing or epaulette clip

Rest assured, your new Prima Facie was designed to help law enforcement users maintain a safe and secure chain of evidence. Recorded data can only be downloaded to an authorized computer and internal storage prevents evidence tampering. Use the included docking station to easily download captured files or charge your Prima Facie.

Don't be left in the dark; the technology exists to help you beat false complaints... use it! Take the next step towards completing your chain of evidence. Select the link below to request more information today!


Second-Year Advanced Replacement Product Warranty

Safety Vision will replace a defective Prima Facie Body Camera without charge to the customer, if certain conditions are met. Please review the warranty to learn more. 



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