• RoadRecorder® 8000 Network Video Recorder
  • RoadRecorder® 8000 Network Video Recorder

RoadRecorder® 8000


Type: Network Video Recorder

Cameras Supported: 36 IP

Storage: 4 TB (max)

Resolution: 1080p (max)


The RoadRecorder® 8000 represents the most advanced generation of Safety Vision’s Flagship network video recorders. Every agency is mandated with unique responsibilities that are often not covered by off-the-shelf solutions. The RoadRecorder 8000 provides an open architecture that allows integration with any VMS platform to combine stationary cameras and mobile cameras, all in one application. Agencies can view and manage video from all surveillance cameras that can then be unified to form a seamless visual narrative. With up to 4TB of storage, the RoadRecorder 8000 can record up to 36 IP cameras to deliver the highest level of security needed.



  • Open Architecture
  • EN50155 Certification
  • Record up to 36 high definition IP cameras
  • 16 customizable inputs and outputs
  • Built-in relay for power external devices (WiFi, PoE switch, etc.)
  • 200 GB internal fail-over storage
  • Dual removable hard drives up to 4TB

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