SafeDrive MiniDVR™


Product Description

The SafeDrive MiniDVR™ provides high quality mobile digital video recording in a compact and affordable package. It uses both a forward-facing road camera as well as a rear-facing cabin camera to record video, audio and meta-data to convenient CompactFlash® cards.

  • Recording is triggered in the event of a crash, while speeding, erratic driving, or manually pressing the panic button
  • Battery backup ensures events are recorded even with a loss of power
  • Recording takes place even while downloading video to the CompactFlash® Card, with the MDVRs post event snapshot feature
  • The global positioning system (GPS) time and date, vehicle speed, longitude and latitude, and x- and y-axis G-force data synchronized with the video and audio are recorded
  • The MDVR can be installed permanently to a windshield with an included bracket, or for temporary use with custom SafeDrive MiniDVR™ suction cups