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SafetyView PRO

Video Playback Software

For RoadRecorder NVR & Observer DVR/HVR Series

Intuitive Calendar Search

Vehicle Mapping Data


This dynamic video viewing software provides fleet administrators ultimate playback control. Quickly navigate and find critical evidence efficiently with SafetyView PRO’s intuitive Calendar Search. A customizable display area enables video channels, including the map, speed and acceleration graphs, to be moved within the playback screen. Vehicle mapping data is synchronized with video for viewing location of events, route history, vehicle signals and other metadata. Rename channels, zoom-in, rotate and flip video, blur faces, export in multiple formats, and much more with SafetyView PRO innovative software. 


  • Customizable display area
  • Export videos effortlessly in a variety of formats
  • Intuitive Calendar Search
  • Metadata graphically displayed and synchronized with video

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