840 AHD


Exterior HD Camera
Day/Night Functionality
14 Infrared Illuminators
1080p Max Resolution

RoadRecorder® 8400

Network Video Recorder
16 Cameras Supported
2 TB Max Storage
2K Max Resolution

RoadRecorder® 8000

Network Video Recorder
36 Cameras Supported
4 TB Max Storage
2K Max Resolution

Genetec Security

Open VMS Platform
For RoadRecorder 8000 Series
Wireless Downloading
Access Control Integration

41AHD Series

Interior HD Camera
Audio Supported
6 Infrared Illuminators
720p Resolution


Exterior Analog Camera
Audio Supported
9 Infrared Illuminators
150° Field of View

Awareness Monitor™

10.4 or 15-inch Monitor
21.5-inch Monitor Available
12, 15, or 17-inch Monitor
Available with Bezels


7-Inch Display
For Observer HVR Series
Touch Screen
800x480 Resolution

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