Pupil Transportation

School bus safety camera solutions


SAFESTOP-HD Stop Arm Camera

Deter stop-arm violators with Safety Vision's SAFESTOP-HD High Definition Stop Arm Camera. This turnkey System provides HD video with up to 10X greater resolution than competitive analog systems. Capture license plates of stop arm violators easily with this stand-alone system offering solid state recording, H.264 compression, a megapixel image sensor, and a rugged waterproof IP67/IK10 rated enclosure.





Safety Vision supplies school bus fleets with onboard video recording and stop arm camera systems. With nearly 20 years of rapidly evolving technology, we have focused on keeping our pupil transportation customers current while meeting their unique budgetary and purchasing requirements. And we never lose sight of what matters most: protecting the passengers entrusted to your care.

Learn more about Safety Vision's Sentinel DVR MonitorSVR-4100 Mobile Video Recorder,  and SAFESTOP-HD Stop-Arm Camera System.

What we can do for you

Our school bus video surveillance solutions support transportation directors' and other school administrators' efforts to protect passengers, personnel, and property. These systems may help you:

  • Deter bullying, vandalism, and other offenses
  • Reinforce driver accountability
  • Document chain of events
  • Substantiate or refute claims
  • Manage video and audio files, easily and efficiently

Why we're the ones to do it

Today and every day, our in-house engineering department, account management, and technical support personnel are working together to ensure our solutions are up to the minute—and up to your standards. We build in scalability, and we design for interoperability. We create customized solutions to fit unique needs and different budgets. And we focus on consistently delivering high quality mobile video products and services.

Increase your mobile security, today

To start reaping the benefits of school bus safety cameras or to discuss your school or district's unique onboard surveillance needs, contact us or call 800.880.8855, today.

To secure grant monies to fund your school bus video recording project, we suggest you review our Grants/Funding page for resources that may help you in your search.

We also offer you a quick and easy purchasing option associated with Dell computer products. If your school or district has an existing contract with Dell, you may now order Safety Vision products directly from your Dell representative. To learn more about this convenient option, please contact Safety Vision by phone at 800.880.8855 or by email.