Driver Behavior Modification

SafeDrive MiniDVR for Driver Safety



The SafeDrive MiniDVR™ is an event-based mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) that installs directly to the vehicle windshield and incorporates both a forward-facing road-view camera and a rear-facing cabin-view camera to record video, audio, and metadata conveniently to a high capacity and economical CompactFlash® card; data can be uploaded manually or via wireless download. Its' small size leaves an unobstructed view of the road and requires no modification of the dashboard or console, making it adaptable to any vehicle in your fleet. This integrated solution identifies risky driver behaviors, elicits drivers safety, and provides high quality video in a compact and affordable package.



Identify and improve problematic driving behaviors

  • An integrated forward-facing camera captures video of the road, while the rear-facing camera captures the vehicle cabin and driver, allowing for a comprehensive view of critical events. An auxiliary rear vision camera installed on the rear of the vehicle can easily be added for even more versatility.
  • Video is automatically recorded when speeding, driving erratically, when a crash occurs, or when triggered manually. Also recorded and tracked are GPS map coordinates, G-force data, vehicle speed, event trends, and audio. The SafeDrive MiniDVR utilizes convenient and economical CompactFlash cards of any capacity to store recorded video; the card is secure behind a lockable door and the entire system is integrated into one rugged housing.
  • The SafeDrive MiniDVR is capable of simultaneously recording post-event snapshots as it transfers motion video onto the CompactFlash card for video storage.
  • The in-vehicle video system can be installed easily and permanently to a windshield with an included bracket, or for temporary use with an optional SafeDrive MiniDVR custom high-vacuum suction cup and quick-detach power cord.
  • This windshield DVR has an internal battery backup feature that enables recording to continue until the car battery dies.
  • Three infrared illuminators for low light recording are featured on the rear-facing cabin camera to ensure the most pivotal events are captured. Multicolor LEDs provide visual device status inside or outside the vehicle.
  • An optional antenna is available for increased GPS reception.

Optimize your fleet's driver performance and safety, today

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