Safety Vision Celebrates 25 Years

Since inception, Safety Vision’s mission has been to deliver superior and innovative mobile surveillance solutions that vehicle fleets depend on, provide lasting value that benefits the customer, and instill pride in the Visionaries that service them. As Safety Vision celebrates its 25th year in business, it reflects on the milestones and technological progress it has made in the Pupil Transportation industry, increasing the safety of students and drivers and making fleet administrator's jobs easier.

90’s - The venerable Observer™ line of video recorders debuted in the 1990’s to bring important video recording on school buses where previously camera systems did not exist.

At first, the Observer system utilized video cassette technology, progressing from the Industrial VCR1, to the VCR2, and finally the VCR3.  The VCR3 could record up to eight hours of video using standard VHS tape cassettes and included then-advanced features such as custom sensors and an integrated accelerometer.

Predicting the future of the Observer line, the VCR3 also included a time/date stamp and a user-defined display for the bus route, number, driver or school – all set up with convenient on-screen programming.  Observer Industrial VCRs accepted up to two cameras in the customer’s choice of color or black and white.

2000s – The turn of the century brought forth the full effect of digital video recording with the RoadRecorder® 5000.  The RoadRecorder 5000 revolutionized mobile surveillance with industry-leading video storage times using state-of-the-art hard drives in rugged, mobile-rated canisters. 

Safety Vision customers marveled at the ability to conveniently search for video by time and date with easy-to-use software instead of fast-forwarding through hours of video tape.  The RoadRecorder 5000 could accept up five cameras recording at a then-amazing resolution of 720 x 486 at 20 frames per second. 

Safety Vision’s remote LCD panel also debuted, giving drivers handy operating statuses in plain messages, as well as the indispensable GPS sensor, which added the vehicle’s position and speed to valuable recorded evidence. 

2010-2016 – The revelation of wireless technology began to rise in the school bus transportation industry. With great commitment to innovative software development, Safety Vision released its wireless backend solution, Observer Management System (OMS) PRO. With OMS PRO, school districts were introduced to automatic and hands-free video downloading, real-time DVR system health status alerts, custom email notifications, remote system configuration, and other wireless networking capabilities.

Safety Vision’s popular Observer® series of recorders evolved bringing in a new era of innovation with Hybrid Video Technology. The Observer 4000 and 4112 hybrid video recorders offer the unique ability to use both analog and high definition IP cameras simultaneously, creating an affordable high-end surveillance solution. An IP camera facing out the front windshield, will monitor all activity in front of the bus, capturing any vehicles that endanger students as they cross the street.

Safety Vision proudly announced its partnership with Synovia Solutions, creator of the most complete fleet management technology and student tracking for K-12 transportation. The new combined solution features user-friendly and intuitive compatibility between Synovia's management tools and Safety Vision's Observer series of recorders.

2017 and beyond – Safety Vision celebrates 25 years of business in mobile video solutions. 

Safety Vision launches its new product release, the SV-360° camera, presenting school districts with an advantage to beat the challenges around high seatbacks. The SV-360° camera provides superior coverage with fewer cameras at 2K resolution, producing images even greater than high definition.  With a 360° camera simply mounted on the ceiling of the bus, capturing the seating area from a bird's-eye view, school district's are now able to see down and over the tops of those high seatbacks. 

The Evergreen Program is established, a budget-friendly payment program offering school districts the opportunity to outfit their entire fleet with school bus camera systems from Safety Vision, for as little as $1 per day per bus. 

Continuing its strong growth for the future with new product developments and successful business partnerships, Safety Vision will achieve even more remarkable milestones in the pupil transportation industry by bringing technological innovation, value, and safety to school districts nation-wide. 

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