Safety Vision Celebrates 25 Years

Since inception, Safety Vision’s mission has been to deliver superior and innovative mobile surveillance solutions that vehicle fleets depend on, provide lasting value that benefits the customer, and instill pride in the Visionaries that service them. As a top industry leader in mobile video surveillance, Safety Vision is proud to announce the great milestone and celebration of its 25th year in business. Explore the story of the evolution of what is now a global name in the mobile video technology market.


90’s - In the early 90s, founder and CEO Bruce Smith was working for a mobile equipment distributor, and came into contact with several industry professionals who had unique problems. Safety Vision, Inc. was formed to distribute and service rear vision camera equipment.

Safety Vision established national accounts and set up purchasing agreements with OEMs and larger customers, and soon became the first well-known name in the mobile surveillance industry. Safety Vision then became a member of the Inc 500 (one of the fastest growing companies in the USA) and a three-time member of the Houston 100.

Safety Vision expanded its product line to include on-board recording systems using now primitive video cassette technology.

2000s – By introducing a new state of the art digital video recorder, the RoadRecorder 6000, Safety Vision shifted its focus from distributor to manufacturer. Heralding the beginning of digital recording technology, Safety Vision remained the pioneer in mobile surveillance and reaffirmed its $100 million revenue goal by 2008.

With great commitment to innovative software development, SafetyView® and SafetyNet™ were released which presented an intuitive interface for managing all digital video assets. This combined solution brought the revelation of wireless downloading to the mobile video market.

2010-2016 – The RoadRecorder series again revolutionized the mobile surveillance market by introducing advanced technology with the release of the RoadRecorder 7000, signaling the beginning of network-based recorders capable of using high definition IP cameras.

Safety Vision launched the offering of the Prima Facie® body camera for the law enforcement community, eventually becoming the highest rated camera by the US Department of Homeland Security.

The ICOP® PRO became the core of Safety Vision’s next-generation in-car video recording solution for law enforcement.

Safety Vision’s popular Observer® series of recorders also evolved bringing in a new era of innovation with Hybrid Video Technology. The Observer 4000, 4112, and 4120 hybrid video recorders offer the unique ability to use both analog and high definition IP cameras simultaneously, creating an affordable high-end surveillance solution.

Safety Vision proudly announced its international expansion in Latin America, SVLA, headquartered in Panama with representation throughout several countries.

2017 and beyond – Safety Vision celebrates 25 years of business in mobile video solutions.

During its quarter century milestone, Safety Vision launches a variety of new product releases. The SV-360° camera expands new surveillance possibilities by providing superior coverage with fewer cameras at 2K resolution, producing images even greater than high definition.

Safety Vision unveils the most advanced generation of flagship network video recorders, the RoadRecorder 8000 with open architecture, the future of mobile surveillance. The RoadRecorder 8000 allows seamless integration with any VMS platform to combine stationary cameras and mobile cameras, all in one application.

The Evergreen Program is established, a budget-friendly payment program offering customers the opportunity to outfit their entire fleet with surveillance camera systems from Safety Vision, for as little as $1 per day per vehicle. 

The launch of Safety Vision’s next generation body camera begins, unveiling seamless integration with the new HD in-car video system for the law enforcement community.

Continuing its strong growth for the future with new product developments and international expansion, Safety Vision will achieve even more remarkable milestones in the mobile surveillance industry by bringing technological innovation, value, and safety to vehicle fleets world-wide.

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