August 28, 2014
Safety Vision, LLC Donates Body Cameras and Mobile Surveillance Solutions to the Ferguson Police Department

Safety Vision, LLC, a pioneer and leading global provider of mobile video surveillance solutions since 1993, donated mobile video recording solutions to the Ferguson Police Department in an effort to protect both law enforcement and the public with the capture of indisputable evidence. The onboard recording veteran provides mobile video solutions to a wide breadth of fleets including law enforcement and homeland security, mass transit, pupil transportation, and private fleet transportation sectors.

In lieu of recent catastrophic events occurring in Ferguson, MO, Safety Vision sent the police department five PrimaFacie® Body Cameras, and an SV-1600 Flashlight DVR. The city of Ferguson has gone through an unfortunate series of events and Safety Vision body cameras and flashlight DVR will assist in capturing prima facie evidence for investigations involving vandalism, looting, and shots fired.

The Ferguson Police Department is thankful for Safety Vision’s generosity. “Safety Vision was the first company to contact us with the offer of a donation. We are currently using the PrimaFacie body cameras within the detective bureau when interviewing suspects that were involved in a looting incident. We are benefiting greatly from the body cameras. We especially like include high definition video capture and infrared illuminators; the infrared illuminators assist during nighttime investigations to provide clear vision as to where a person or evidence might be. We are quite grateful to Safety Vision for providing us with surveillance equipment at a time when it is much needed.” said Ferguson Police Officer, Tim Zoll.

Safety Vision's Prima Facie Body Camera is a one-of-a-kind wearable recording solution that includes a magnitude of unique features not offered with other body cameras, including: high-resolution capture of still images, the ability to record audio-only files without video capture, and a playback screen to review recorded data instantly. Other features include eight hours of recording life, 30 and 60 frames-per-second of recording speed, 3-45 hours of recording time, optional GPS, police radio interface, and more.

Since inception 21 years ago, Safety Vision has made philanthropic efforts a priority and has been involved with a multitude of organizations and charities. The mobile video veteran has contributed to the ALS Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Elves and More, Toys for Tots, Houston Based Northwest Ministries, Texas Equusearch, Texas Children’s Hospital, and St. Lukes Children’s Hospital, to name a few. Safety Vision also hosted a donation drop-off at their Houston office building during the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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