August 19, 2014
Safety Vision Offers Special Promotion on Body Cameras for Individual Police Officers

Safety Vision announces a special promotion on body cameras for individual police officers. We would like to offer individual police officers a PrimaFacie® Body Camera for a special price of $449, which is discounted $130 from the MSRP price of $579.

Safety Vision's Prima Facie® Body Camera includes features that are not offered with other body cameras:
•   Take high-resolution still images
•   The ability to record  high-quality audio-only files without video capture. The crystal-clear audio does not distort in loud environments.

Unlike many other companies that offer body cameras, we do not require a monthly fee for cloud-based data storage, per unit. We do not offer the option to store your data because we do not want to charge you these fees. Recorded data can easily be stored on an internal video server and our team can help you with this. After purchasing a Prima Facie unit, it is all yours — no other fees attached. The average monthly fee for other body camera companies to provide data storage is $50 per month, per unit; over one year, the amount you would pay in storage fees would cover your Prima Facie, and then some! Don't waste your resources by incurring monthly fees; get the Prima Facie and cut the costs!

•   Records crisp 1080P high definition (HD) video
•   Pre-event recording
•   Automatic IR illuminators for video capture at night, even in complete darkness
•   Optional radio interface for use as radio microphone/speaker
•   Long battery life of 8+ hours
•   Complimentary secure download and playback software to ensure no unauthorized access
•   16 GB of internal storage which holds 45 hours of video (32 GB coming soon)
•   120 degree field of view
•   Multiple mounting options (360 degree rotating clip and shoulder mount included)
•   Recharging/download USB docking station included

To request more information or to talk to sales, please call (800) 880 8855 from 8-5pm (central) or request more information here.

This special pricing is limited to 2 PrimaFacie® Body Cameras per officer and Safety Vision accepts credit cards.

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