October 2, 2014
Safety Vision's Body Worn Camera, Prima Facie, and Bexar County, TX

Safety Vision has made its way into the news once more for its body worn camera solution. The safety device, called Prima Facie, has been receiving quite a bit of press coverage lately. Houston's leading news channel, KHOU, recently profiled Safety Vision and the Prima Facie; now, KSAT, San Antonio's leading news source has once more profiled this novel device. Watch the news coverage of the law enforcement camera adoption.

Bexar County's Precinct 4 has embraced the technology; all 24 of its officers are now wearing on body cameras. Sgt. Fernando Martinez of the Bexar Co. Sheriff Dept. described some of the benefits of owning a Prima Facie, "..for instance, if you're at an accident and want to do the report later, you can actually take still images of the accident, of the damage, vehicle, or any evidence and save for later." As well, the cameras, acting as an impartial third eye, can reduce officer liability related to false accusations of abuse. "We simply playback the video to the accusing citizen and that simple act helps us avoid many altercations."

The body cameras can record in daylight, and with automatic IR illuminators, the camera can still see even in the dark of night. A notable feature of Prima Facie's is the police-mic interconnectivity. With the innovative police-mic port, the officer can substitute his or her microphone with a Prima Facie, ultimately reducing the amount of equipment the officer must carry. 

Sgt. Martinez sums it up best, "When someone knows that they're being recorded, their tone changes a lot...You can’t lie when you have a camera on."

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