Tow & Recovery Truck Solutions

Maximize visibility & increase driver safety with Mobile Surveillance

Safety Vision's budget-friendly cameras provide strong and reliable durability for long-lasting performance in any tow or recovery vehicle. Safety Vision's heavy-duty equipment are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions and built to endure jolts and vibrations, so the equipment’s consistency is never compromised by the conditions you are driving in. Our camera's wide field-of-views ensure complete exterior coverage, eliminates blind spots, and significantly reduce the risks of unforeseen incidents while towing and recovering vehicles. Recorded video provides indisputable evidence admissible in court, protecting you and saving you time and money. The one time purchase of surveillance system continues to pay for itself long after it is installed by providing safety and security for recovery and tow drivers.

Key Features and Benefits


    Produce video for training drivers and improve performance


    Optimize productivity and prevent delays to ensure reliable and timely services


    Create indisputable evidence to quickly dismiss false claims


    Enhance driver visibility to reduce reversing and moving accidents


    Document chain of events

Towing and Recovery cameras

Tow & Recovery Solution

Safety Vision’s innovative mobile surveillance solutions provide visual enhancements to make the driver’s everyday life on the job easier and more efficient. Our best-value mobile video solutions provide crystal clear views that can be tailored to fit any tow and recovery application and budget.  Record all encounters on the job and maximize camera views to protect the driver in dangerous situations. Invest in an advanced surveillance system to keep drivers safe and gain complete security in and 360 degrees around the vehicle.

Recommended Cameras

  • 630HD

    Exterior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    9 Infrared Illuminators
    720p Resolution

  • 650FHD

    Exterior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    4 Infrared Illuminators
    1080p Resolution

  • 41AHD

    Interior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    6 Infrared Illuminators
    720p Resolution

  • 630A

    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    9 Infrared Illuminators
    150° Field of View


    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    6 Infrared Illuminators
    150° Field of View

  • DualCam AHD

    Interior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    10 Infrared Illuminators
    Windshield/Cabin Design

Recommended Monitors

  • 711

    7-Inch Monitor
    2 Cameras Supported
    Integrated Control Box
    800x480 Resolution

  • 70WQ4

    7-Inch Monitor
    4 Cameras Supported
    Split Screen (1/2/3/4/PiP)
    800x480 Resolution

  • CP4™

    7-Inch Display
    For Observer HVR Series
    Touch Screen
    800x480 Resolution

  • CLED70-2C

    7-inch monitor
    Built-in speaker
    114° FOV camera
    Built-in microphone

Recommended Recorders & Software

  • Observer™ 4000 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    5 Cameras Supported
    512 GB Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Observer™ 4112 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    12 Cameras Supported
    2 TB HDD or SSD Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Foresight PRO

    Video Management Software
    For Observer Series Recorders
    Wireless Video Downloading
    Live Look-In & Fleet Tracking

Recommended Accessories

  • CB126 Backup Sensors

    Visual and audible alerts
    IP68 rated
    Enhance the functionality of a standard collision avoidance system

  • Wireless Vision

    Wireless Vision allows a camera installed on a trailer to wirelessly transmit video feed to a monitor in the cab. 

  • Safety Vision Body Camera

    Body Worn Camera
    32 GB of Internal Storage
    1296p Video Resolution
    160° Field of View

  • Panic Button

    Mark critical events
    LED System status display
    Convenient driver access
    Recording status display

  • UPS

    41 Series UPS
    Back-up Battery
    Protects Against Power Loss
    Steady and Clean Current

  • 43M

    4.3-Inch Monitor
    2 Cameras Supported
    Integrated Control Box
    480x272 Resolution

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