Armored Vehicle Solutions

Maximize transportation security & enhance driver protection with Mobile Surveillance

Armored vehicles transport important cargo which requires top-of-the-line surveillance and security for the assets and driver. With this in mind, Safety Vision has created a complete solution that protects the inventory and driver through continuous recording, GPS tracking, and on-board live look-in. All of solutions are custom tailored to your operations - ensuring your unique needs are met.

Key Features and Benefits


    Securely monitor your inventory from pick-up to drop-off


    Monitor activity in and around the vehicle with synchronized audio


    View routes of all delivery vehicles


    Continuous recording automatically triggered when vehicle is turned on


    Maximum security of goods and services at all times

 Armored Truck Vehicle Cameras video

Armored Truck Solution

Our products are designed to serve as a comprehensive solution that protects your assets and driver. With our system you gain complete security confidence through crystal clear continuous recording in and around the vehicle. Our solutions offer a number of features including GPS tracking, on-board live look-in, tamperproof hardware, real-time alerts, and more. 


Recommended Recorders & Software

  • Observer™ 4000 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    5 Cameras Supported
    512 GB Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Observer™ 4112 HVR

    Hybrid Video Recorder
    12 Cameras Supported
    2 TB HDD or SSD Max Storage
    1080p Max Resolution

  • Foresight PRO

    Video Management Software
    For Observer Series Recorders
    Wireless Video Downloading
    Live Look-In & Fleet Tracking

Recommended Cameras

  • 41AHD

    Interior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    1080p Resolution
    720p Resolution

  • 630HD

    Exterior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    9 Infrared Illuminators
    720p Resolution

  • 650FHD

    Exterior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    4 Infrared Illuminators
    1080p Resolution

  • TotalView HD

    HD Bird’s Eye View Camera System
    IP69K Rated Housing
    1080p Resolution
    200° Field of View


    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    6 Infrared Illuminators
    150° Field of View

  • 630A

    Exterior Analog Camera
    Audio Supported
    9 Infrared Illuminators
    150° Field of View

  • DualCam AHD

    Interior HD Camera
    Audio Supported
    10 Infrared Illuminators
    Windshield/Cabin Design

Recommended Monitors

  • CP4™

    7-Inch Display
    For Observer HVR Series
    Touch Screen
    800x480 Resolution

  • 711

    7-Inch Monitor
    2 Cameras Supported
    Integrated Control Box
    800x480 Resolution

Recommended Accessories

  • UPS

    41 Series UPS
    Back-up Battery
    Protects Against Power Loss
    Steady and Clean Current

  • Panic Button

    Mark critical events
    LED System status display
    Convenient driver access
    Recording status display

  • Safety Vision Body Camera

    Body Worn Camera
    32 GB of Internal Storage
    1296p Video Resolution
    160° Field of View

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