October 2, 2014
Video Clips from Safety Vision and Strathcona County Transit, Alberta, Canada

Safety Vision recently received some coverage on Our Edmonton, a weekly magazine program for those living in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta and has grown to encompass Strathcona County. Strathcona County Transit utilizes Safety Vision mobile cameras and monitors on its new double-decker busses. The monitors and cameras serve several purposes.

First, the driver can use them to determine whether passengers on the upper deck are seated or firmly holding-on to a handrail before motion commences. "We have a camera system that provides four separate views so that before we proceed, we can make sure everyone is seated and no one is not where they shouldn’t be," said Al Gore, Strathcona County Transit employee. Second, passengers can use the monitors to determine whether there are any available seats on the upper deck before taking the time to walk up the stairs. "You can look on the screen and make sure there is a vacant seat before you go all the way up - you don't have to climb up the stairs and look around only to be disappointed and have to come all the way back down."

The video can be viewed here,
The profiled, Quad View Monitor can be found here,
And the profiled IP cameras can be found here.