Prima Facie
February 1, 2015
Washington County Sheriff’s Office tests body cameras

Washington County (NY) Sheriff’s Deputies are testing the Safety Vision Prima Facie body camera. One camera has already captured video of a life-saving administration of the opiod antidote Narcan. "The department is holding off on making additional purchases until it tests the items and finishes developing the final policies for their use. The current draft policy requires deputies wearing the cameras to record all interactions with the public," said Sherriff Murphy. Undersheriff Winchell explained that the cameras could replace the two way radios worn on deputies’ chests.

Murphy assured the Public Safety Committee that the videos are serving a dual purpose - protecting the public as well as officers. Responding to a citizen's comment, Murphy assured that videos would be properly handled and used to investigate a deputy if complaints are made.

To see the news story click here.

To see the Prima Facie click here.

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