Oct 10, 2023

    Safety Vision, LLC Celebrates Milestone of 10+ Million Cameras Deployed Since 1993

    From our modest beginnings in 1993, to over 10 million cameras deployed has been an incredible journey supported by our loyal customers and partners as we deliver enhanced public safety and security.

    Safety Vision, LLC, a Houston-based industry leader in mobile video surveillance solutions, proudly announces a historic achievement, marking the deployment of their 10 millionth camera since the company’s inception in 1993. With a solid position in the Mass Transit, Student Transportation K-12 and Commercial Trucking sectors, Safety Vision has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and delivering excellence. 


    Safety Vision, LLC has emerged as one of the world's largest providers of state-of-the-art Mobile Video Surveillance equipment, offering a wide range of solutions to address the diverse needs of these industries. Their comprehensive product lineup also includes Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) designed to ensure the retention, security and retrievability of video evidence to support enhanced safety, security and operational efficiency for customers in over thirty countries. 


    Safety Vision's suite of innovative features and in-vehicle analytics sets them apart in the industry with features that encompass: 


    • Driver Coaching: Real-time insights to enhance driver performance and safety. 
    • Live Look-in: Instant access to onboard cameras for situational awareness. 
    • AI Cameras: Advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for intelligent monitoring. 
    • Cloud Storage: Secure and scalable cloud-based data storage solutions. 
    • Stop Arm Citations: Reducing passing violations and enhancing safety for student transportation. 
    • Bus Lane Enforcement: Ensuring traffic regulation compliance for mass transit. 
    • K-12 Onboard Wi-Fi: Keeping students connected and engaged during their daily commutes. 
    • Fleet Management Tools: Supporting predictive decision-making and fleet event response. 


    Safety Vision's unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction has propelled them to achieve this noteworthy milestone. Their solutions empower organizations across diverse sectors to improve safety, reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency.